Program Manager - IVD Assay Development

Job Description: The Assay Development Program Manager is responsible for leading, planning, scheduling, tracking, coordinating, and monitoring in vitro diagnostic product development projects.  As a  Core Team Lead, he or she will facilitate communications within a multi-functional team setting to ensure timelines and quality goals are met.     Responsibilities include: 1.     As a Core Team leader, building and developing a cross-functional, multi-site product development and manufacturing team.  2.     Managing project communications to stakeholders (Core Team members, functional managers, development partners, and senior management). 6.     Identifying needed decisions and driving the decision making process. 7.     Scheduling and leading meetings to coordinate project activities. 8.     Assuring that the project is tracked and all product and project deliverables (quality, performance, cost, schedule, and revenue) are met within their planned tolerances and as close to target as possible. Reports to Director of Program Management, Walpole, MA. Skills: Advanced scientific, technology and/or business degrees are highly desirable. Requires basic skills in the product development process and a general business understanding, preferably in the medical device industry or pharma. Project Management expertise: - Ten (10+) years of industry experience, which should include experience managing complex projects - Strong analytical skills to assess situations and drive decision making - Ability to coordinate across disciplines and integrate all aspects of business as they impact development projects including negotiation of scope, roles and responsibilities, specifications, timelines, and resources up, across, and down organization - Experience in producing written reports (i.e. published papers, company reports, etc.) - Demonstrated effective written and oral communications skills - Negotiation skills - Ability to function in a changing, high-impact position, with deadline and resource constraints - Capacity to achieve outcomes based on ability to facilitate and negotiate desired results - Previous exposure to manufacturing environments Education Discipline: Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or Science disciplines 229704
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
11 - 15 years

Don't Be Fooled

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